christina bennett lind 'All My Children's' Christina Bennett Lind on Bianca: Being gay is 'just one element'“All My Children” had the first lesbian wedding in daytime TV when Bianca Montgomery married her partner Reese Williams. Eden Riegel won an Emmy in 2005 for her portrayal of Bianca, but has moved on from Pine Valley and Christina Bennett Lind is taking over the role.

When asked if there are any added pressures to portraying such a groundbreaking character on daytime TV, Lind tells Zap2it that “really the only pressure it adds is just making sure to represent this person as a full complete person who happens to be gay — not making it more complicated than that.”

“I feel it’s very important to represent any character as a complete human being,” Lind continues. “I don’t feel a lot of pressure about it because it’s just one element of who she is, but I’m really proud to be playing that because it’s a very current and exciting place to be and I’m really proud to be that on the show.”

“One Life to Live” recently wrote off their male homosexual couple because the storyline “failed to resonate with the mainstream audience.” We asked Christina if she thinks it’s easier for a female gay character to be accepted by a daytime audience.

After taking a thoughtful pause, Lind says, “In my opinion, the mother factor plays a big role. I think a lot of support goes to the fact that she’s raising children and is married and is starting a family because family is so important to her. You see that everyone is the same — just looking for love and looking to create a life for themselves, so it’s easy to relate to them. It’s all about relatability.”

Finally, we were curious about what is coming up for Bianca and Erica. While Christina couldn’t give too much away, she does hint at possible conflicts with Rebecca Budig’s Greenlee Smythe.

“[Erica] will always be my mom. I will always fight for her. I think it will actually be really interesting from what I know about the character and from what I know is coming,” Lind teases. “You’ll see Bianca’s real strength and what she wants and fights for, especially with Greenlee because they’re both strong women who have opinions and are trying to make their way in the world.”

Lind will make her debut as Bianca Montgomery on “All My Children” Monday, June 14 on ABC.

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