allegiance scott cohen hope davis interview nbc upfronts 'Allegiance': Scott Cohen and Hope Davis as Russian spies for the modern world

The premise of NBC’s new series “Allegiance” may seem familiar to fans of FX’s incredible drama, “The Americans.” KGB spies (one Russian, one an American who’s totally in on the ruse) live normal American lives, raising their children to live the American dream.

But there’s a big difference in “Allegiance” — the show is set in the present day, pitting parents against a rising CIA star son.

Stars Scott Cohen and Hope Davis, the aforementioned KGB-affiliated spies/parents, previewed their midseason drama for Zap2it during the NBC upfronts presentation.

They were so excited about the project that both actors tended to talk over each other. Thus, here’s a pretty much direct transcript of what was said.

Zap2it: How would you characterize “Allegiance” in terms of shows or movies we’ve seen before?
Scott Cohen: “24” … It’s a spy thriller …
Hope Davis: It might be more like the movies — “The Bourne Supremacy,” “‘The Bourne Identity,” those films.
Cohen: The Bond movies!
Davis: It’s a spy thriller.
Cohen: Spy thrillers — ours is with a heart though. It’s about a family.
Davis: If you like to get sweaty palms and a fast-beating heart …
Cohen: And “Allegiance” really refers to the idea of what would you do for your family? Blood is thicker than water.

What is it like, playing a spy?
Davis: Really exciting. I’m learning to speak Russian. I’m learning to kick some a**. I’m learning to fire guns and all these crazy things. I am a Brooklyn mom, but I did not know how to do that stuff.

Got all of that? “Allegiance” will air at some point in 2015 on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown