allison janney mom emmy comedy supporting actress win Emmys 2014: Allison Janney's 'Mom' trophy will go above the TV 'with her sisters'Allison Janney has four Emmy Awards for her work on “The West Wing,” but she’s added two more trophies to her collection with her 2014 wins. The “Mom” star tells reporters backstage after her Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series win at the 2014 Primetime Emmys that the six statues will all live together on a shelf over her TV.

“They’re above my television, the four I have for ‘The West Wing,'” she says. “They’re all evenly spaced, so I moved them all over and I can actually fit a couple more up there.” … That’s where this one will go, with her other sisters.”

Janney won her fifth Emmy at the Creative Arts ceremony for her guest turn on “Masters of Sex,” so that trophy will join the mantle too. The actress says she isn’t bothered switching between comedy and drama because of her childhood training.

“I don’t think of it as one or the other, just bringing the reality under imaginary circumstances and having fun,” she says of taking roles in both genres. She would do three plays a season in college, and her comedy training started at a young age. “I grew up a dancer and a figure skater so I’ve always been very physical in control of my body. … I was trained for all that growing up.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley