almost human dvr ratings 'Almost Human' DVR ratings are good, but are they good enough?The premiere of “Almost Human” got a good-sized boost from DVR users — one that could bode well for the lower-rated episodes that have aired subsequently.

The series premiere on Nov. 17 grew by about 3.4 million viewers, going from 9.2 million in the overnight ratings to 12.6 million in the Live +7 tally. It also added 1.4 points among adults 18-49, rising to a 4.5 rating from a 3.1.

Since then, though, “Almost Human” hasn’t fared as well in the overnight ratings: In its regular Monday-night home, it has averaged a 1.9 among adults 18-49 and 6.15 million viewers in the overnight ratings (DVR numbers for episodes after the premiere aren’t in yet). That’s a little below what “Bones” did in the 8 p.m. Monday spot earlier in the season. (The Friday-night debut of “Bones,” incidentally, scored a 2.1 among adults 18-49 and 7.8 million viewers, which is right in line with its overnight ratings on Mondays.)

The overnight numbers would probably make “Almost Human” a bubble series for next season. However, if it continues to grow by percentages in line with those of its premiere (45 percent in 18-49 and 37 percent in total viewers), the show will reach a 2.8 in the 18-49 demographic and about 8.4 million viewers. Both of those are pretty respectable in the current ratings climate.

The usual caveats/mysteries about how much networks and advertisers actually value DVR ratings apply, of course. But FOX and the “Almost Human” team might be breathing a little easier now.

Posted by:Rick Porter