almost human season 1 finale 'Almost Human' Season 1 finale: Life goes on for Kennex and Dorian; will it for the show?Week to week, you could almost see the writers of “Almost Human” itching to play around in their near-future world. Like a lot of science fiction, there were ideas about how the world will look a little while from now practically bursting out of the sides of the screen.

And like a lot of good science fiction, those ideas served the more grounded stories the show was telling and the characters it was using to tell them, rather than letting them overrun everything else. The show got more and more confident in its characters over the run of Season 1, culminating in Monday’s (March 3) season finale focusing heavily on John Kennex’s past and his working relationship/bromance with Dorian.

Let’s hope it’s not too confident. The series ended its first season with an upbeat, life-goes-on sort of finale — the final scene was of Kennex and Dorian bonding at his favorite noodle shop when a new case interrupts the moment. The scene, one you’ve probably seen in countless other cop shows, seems to say, “Here we go again — and don’t worry, dear viewer, we’ll be back for more.”

Fans would probably appreciate that, because although there was no cliffhanger in the season finale, there are a LOT of plot threads still blowing in the 2048 wind.

Kennex’s not entirely recovered memories of his ex-girlfriend’s involvement with inSyndicate? Saving it for Season 2.

Anything else having to do with inSyndicate, its plans and the ill-fated mission that cost Kennex his leg? Saving it for Season 2.

Dorian’s “memories” and how he got them? Season 2.

That roboticist played by John Larroquette going over the Wall* and taking the components to build an android army with him? Season 2.

The very, very slow-burning attraction between Kennex and Stahl? Season, I don’t know, 6?

“Almost Human” has been a steady and pretty solid performer in ratings. In Live +7 ratings for the season, it scores a 3.1 rating among adults 18-49 and just under 9.2 million viewers.

Those are pretty good numbers, better than the already-renewed “Bones” and comparable to those of “The Following” (minus the latter’s NFL-inflated premiere). But given the amount of programming FOX already has in the pipeline for 2014-15, it’s not a lock for renewal. It would be a shame to see all those threads go untied.

Posted by:Rick Porter