david strathairn alphas 'Alphas' recap: Fargo, New YorkAfter a successful field operation in which the team has to split up, circumstances conspire to get Gary arrested. They conspire with Gary, but still. While picking Gary up at the precinct, Bill catches wind of a high-profile kidnapping case currently in progress, and figures that if he and Gary can solve it on their own, using their Alpha abilities, it could mean Bill’s long-hoped-for return to the FBI. Of course that’s complicated by the fact that the agent in charge of the case is the very man Bill bounced against a wall in the incident that got him booted from the Bureau in the first place, but does Bill care? He does not. He also blithely leads Gary through some shady places long past his curfew, but doesn’t feel guilty until they almost catch one of the kidnappers, only to scare him off and potentially screw up the case and get the kidnapped girl killed. Not to mention getting himself arrested, and Gary for the second time that day.

The only way to save the situation is for Bill to convince an uncharacteristically angry Rosen to let the team help him save the girl. Which he does, and after following the clues (and Rachel’s nose, and Cameron’s parkour), they discover that the kidnapping is an inside job, initiated by the kidnapped girl’s own bodyguard. Nina Pushes her to lead them to the girl, where for the first time in this show’s history, the bad guy is actually caught in an interesting way. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that there’s no Evil Alpha Of The Week for once. Anyway, the girl is safe, her powerful father is grateful, and it looks like Bill might get back into the FBI after all, but of course he decides he prefers working with the fake DCIS that his team is fakely faking that they’re part of.

In other news, Nina’s been avoiding a cop who wants to talk to her about the ex-boyfriend on whose death she blames her own Super-Bossiness. On Cameron’s advice, Nina talks to the cop, who was asking about something totally different. And Cameron’s advice wasn’t the only thing of his she would have acted on, if you know what I mean, but it turns out that Rachel’s secondary Alpha abilities include Super-Cockblocking. At least for now.

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