taylor-swift-AMA.jpgWhen Taylor Swift appeared on the American Music Awards stage at a piano, singing “Back to December,” surrounded by wintery scenery… we almost decided it was nap time. Not because we don’t love us some Swifty, but because we were pretty sure we saw this performance at last week’s Country Music Association awards.

Sure, this time Swift ditched her fairy princess look for sleek bangs and a classy blazer, but that wasn’t quite enough to keep our attention… until she threw off her seatbelt (did we mention the piano moved?) and busted out OneRepublic‘s “Apologize.”

See, we’re kind of addicted to mash-ups, so this would be awesome in itself. But since “Back to December” is basically Swift’s giant apology for being kind of a jerk to Taylor Lautner last winter, and Taylor was singing “It’s too late to apologize,’ it was self-referential enough to make us sit up and pay attention.

(Okay, we jumped out of our chair. Some things may have been knocked over. We really love us some Swifty.)

Sure, it was a little pitchy… but we thought the new look and the cool song arrangement made up for it. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments what you thought of her show.

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Photo Credit: Getty

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie