amanda bynes schizophrenic Amanda Bynes believed to be schizophrenic, might remain hospitalized

Amanda Bynes‘ string of troubling behavior might have finally come to an end. After she was hospitalized on an involuntary psychiatric hold for lighting a fire in an elderly woman’s driveway, those close to Bynes are trying to put her in a conservatorship.

According to TMZ, sources believe Bynes is suffering from the mental illness schizophrenia. Medical professionals are going to suggest her 72-hour 5150 hold be given a two-week extension so that she can be properly diagnosed.

This is a move that Bynes’ parents reportedly wanted to make for months, but “The Amanda Show” star’s actions weren’t extreme enough to warrant it. Because of the way her behavior escalated in the past few days, a judge might finally be convinced to force Bynes to get the help she so clearly needs.

Bonnie Braaten, the woman whose driveway was the scene of Bynes’ fire, says of the incident, “It’s sad. I’m glad no one was hurt and it didn’t spread to my house and my neighbor’s house. It could have been really bad.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz