amanda bynes pot evidence dope Amanda Bynes: Cops don't have hard evidence of marijuana possessionAmanda Bynes might get off the hook in her marijuana arrest case after all. Though actress was arrested for reckless endangerment, possession of pot and felony tampering with evidence, it turns out that there is no proof that Bynes was ever in possession of the drug.

TMZ reports that no drugs were recovered at the scene of the crime, which means there’s “no hard evidence” that Bynes was ever in possession or marijuana. Similarly, the glass from alleged bong that Bynes threw out the window (she claims it was actually a vase) wasn’t investigated until days after Bynes was said to have tossed it. That means it will be hard for prosecutors to put the object into evidence and use it as proof of reckless endangerment against Bynes.
If this report ends up being true, then it seems like Bynes is in good shape in this case. Of course, even if she does get out of this without any charges leveled against her, she’s still got a whole slew of other problems to deal with, including the DUI charge she is currently facing.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz