amanda bynes mug shot short hair Amanda Bynes due in court TuesdayRemember that incident in May where Amanda Bynes allegedly threw a bong out a window, was taken for a psychiatric evaluation and later claimed the cops slapped her vagina? Yeah, Bynes is due in court Tuesday (July 9) for that.

The 27-year-old is charged with reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence, after police were called when officials in her apartment building thought she was smoking pot in the lobby. Officers came to her apartment and that is when she allegedly tossed her bong out the window.

Meanwhile, Bynes is embroiled in some kind of plastic surgery roller coaster. She tweets, “My Nose Is Broken I’m Bruised I Can’t Wait For My Next Surgery” and “My Broken Nose Is Making The Bone Under My Eyes Protrude So I Won’t Stop Getting Surgery Until That Bone Is Shaved Off.”

We aren’t sure why she is capitalizing each word. Perhaps she is trying out song titles for her rap album. Either way, she adds that she hates taking selfies with a broken nose. Yeah, that’s rough.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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