amanda bynes lindsay lohan reality show Amanda Bynes getting a reality show from Lindsay Lohan's producers?

Is Amanda Bynes the next former child star heading toward her own reality TV show? Lindsay Lohan is already signed for an eight-episode docu-series to debut on OWN in 2014. Now, it’s being reported that the producers behind Lohan’s show are interested in doing one with Bynes.
According to RumorFix, Pilgrim Studios is working with Chinga Chang records, the label that offered Amanda a record deal in June. Dan Herman, the CEO of the label, says, “I talked to Amanda on Monday and she wants to do this.”
Dan says the show, if Bynes accepts, would follow her star as she launches a music career. It would show her working with her producer, a celebrity mentor and also feature her family and friends. In addition to the $200,000 Herman has offered Amanda as an advance on the album, he says she could make $80,000 an episode for the show.
Of course, Amanda is currently hospitalized to treat a mental illness and under the temporary conservatorship of her mother, Lynn Bynes. That means Lynn makes all decisions unless a judge says otherwise. Dan says he hasn’t spoken with her about the show.
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