amanda bynes leaves rehab Amanda Bynes leaves rehab, returns home with mom for the holidays

According to a new report, Amanda Bynes has finally been released from the rehab center she has been staying in since September. Doctors apparently thought she was safe to be released in her mother’s supervision.

TMZ says they spoke to an attorney for Bynes’ mother Lynn who says Bynes is now safely at her mother’s home — just in time for the holidays. She will be reportedly receiving outpatient treatment after her stay at The Canyon treatment facility in Malibu, Calif.

After a troubled early 2013, Bynes was eventually entered involuntarily into a UCLA psych ward back in July. That hold was extended, she was placed under temporary conservatorship under Lynn and was then transferred to The Canyon, where she’s been staying until now.

Even though Bynes has returned home after being treated for bipolar disordered and schizophrenia, she isn’t out of hot water yet. Despite her mental health issues, the court did not excuse her bad behavior that led to her April 2012 DUI where she hit a parked police car, and she’s due in court on Jan. 7, 2014. Unless she makes a public appearance between then and now, this will be the first time Bynes has been seen since her involuntary psych ward hold. A plea deal is expected in the case.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz