amanda bynes mentally unfit dui arrest gi Amanda Bynes: Mentally unfit to stand trial for DUI

Amanda Bynes is mentally unfit to stand trial, according to her lawyer. She is supposed to stand trial for a DUI case but did not appear in court on Tuesday (Sept. 24) as scheduled.

According to TMZ, Bynes’ lawyer, Rich Hutton, explained to the judge in the case that the actress did not have sufficient mental competency to understand or endure legal proceedings.

Bynes is currently under conservatorship and is undergoing long-term treatment for mental health issues. She has not been on her own since an incident earlier in the summer — which involved a fire on someone else’s driveway — capped months of very public breaking down.

The judge in the case, which stems from a DUI arrest in Los Angeles in April of 2012, chose to transfer Bynes’ case to a mental health court. There, a new judge will determine the level of mental competency Bynes can bring to her own defense.

Based on what has been made public about the former child star, however, it isn’t impossible that Amanda Bynes cannot fully comprehend all of her troubles.

Posted by:Laurel Brown