amanda-bynes-rehab-conservatorship-mugshot-crazy-mental-health-drugs-pics-gi-500.jpgAnd the Amanda Bynes crazy train rolls on. Despite reports that the troubled actress will be heading to rehab, Bynes says it’s not happening, according to TMZ.

She’s reportedly telling concerned friends that she’s not having a Britney Spears-style meltdown and does not need a conservatorship. The “What I Like About You” actress has allegedly been exhibiting some bizarre behavior lately, including speaking to inanimate objects — not to mention having her license suspended following two hit-and-run charges and a DUI and then driving anyway before finally having her car impounded Sunday (Sept. 16).

Adding to her picture of not-so-stellar mental health, Bynes reportedly went shopping at Kin, a West Hollywood boutique, on Monday, where she locked herself in the dressing room for nearly two hours. Clerks heard banging noises coming from inside the room approximately every 10 minutes.

When employees checked on Bynes, she wouldn’t come out of the dressing room, telling them, “I need more time.”

Upon emerging, Bynes purchased a few items, but on her way out of the store, she realized she was still wearing a bathing suit top she had tried on. She then paid for the suit, and asked the store clerk to call her a cab when she noticed photographers waiting outside. No word on how exactly she got to the store in the first place.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper