amanda bynes selfies blue shirt twitter Amanda Bynes promotes new clothing line by wearing blouse over her headAmanda Bynes has announced via Twitter that she is starting a clothing and perfume line. Hmm … what might her fragrance smell like?

The “Easy A” star’s behavior just keeps getting weirder and weirder. After posting the tweet heard ’round the world about wanting “Take Care” rapper Drake to assassinate her privates, Bynes went on a selfies spree. She posted seven photos of herself in a bathroom mirror, wearing the same strange outfit, over a two-day time span. In between shots, she apparently decided to make a run to McDonald’s in New York City’s Times Square.
The part that’s weird — well, weirder than posting a bunch of random photos of yourself wearing the same ugly outfit two days in a row — is that Amanda threw the blouse she’s wearing in the photos over her head for the outing.
Video from Splash News shows Bynes wandering around New York City with the blue buttondown over her face. Maybe she was just trying to dry the top out after treating it with stain remover? One of Amanda’s selfies came with the caption, “Uh oh! Stained my shirt while getting ready…grrrrrrrrrr!”
The photog who took the video of Bynes says she was walking with her feet hanging out of her shoes and the shirt over her head. Not only that, but she went up to the counter at McDonald’s at least seven times.
Well, Bynes has an explanation — sort of — for the paparazzi images. She tweets, “My selfies we’re taken after those paparazzi photos. I was walking to a photo shoot for my clothing line & perfume line that’s in the works!” And then she posted more selfies. She followed it up with a tweet saying, “#OutShiningThem. Indeed, Amanda … indeed.
Watch the video below of Bynes’ “wacky wear” food run:

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