amanda bynes twitter complex magazine ugly writers gi Amanda Bynes' Twitter insanity earns her Playboy Radio job offerWhat’s an opportunistic, headline-preying company like Playboy Radio to do when a young starlet in the throes of a very public apparent meltdown is all anyone can talk about? Why, offer her a job, of course!

TMZ reports that, on Tuesday (June 4), the on-air offshoot of the lascivious lad mag has officially submitted an offer for Amanda Bynes to host her own hour-long daily radio show. Apparently, the station offered Bynes a one-off guest-hosting gig on Monday, before execs decided they wanted the troubled actress around full-time.

Playboy’s making several concessions to try to lure Bynes their way, including offering a driver to take her to and from work, as well as her very own producer to handle the logistics of the show.

The report says the offer is for a simple one-week trial, but can be extended to a full year if things go well. And how could they not? Who doesn’t want to listen to Bynes taunt celebrities concerned for her well-being by calling them ugly and deserving of their past domestic abuse, instead of just read about it?

Posted by:Billy Nilles