amanda bynes blue wig court Amanda Bynes wears blue wig, ditches face piercings at court appearance

It turns out Amanda Bynes wasn’t lying when she said she dropped some weight and got rid of her cheek piercings. The troubled child star showed off a new look when she headed to court on July 9 for her bong-throwing incident.

When Bynes appeared in court, she wore a black tank top and sweatpants, black sneakers and an aqua blue wig. At least it fit her better than her platinum blonde wig in a booking photo back in May.

Though Bynes was excited about her new shaved haircut when she debuted it in April, she later buzzed off all of her hair and has opted for wigs instead ever since. It remains to be seen what color she wears during her next photographed outing. She also sported oversized sunglasses that cover the allegedly incomplete nose job that she’s been tweeting about.

Bynes is charged with reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence following an incident where police came to her apartment to see if she had been smoking marijuana. During the July 9 court date, Bynes remained silent and the judge extended the case until Aug. 26, though Bynes won’t have to appear until Sept. 26.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz