amazing race 23 finale winner cbs 'Amazing Race' 23 winner: Jason and Amy, Tim and Marie or Nicole and Travis, who won?“The Amazing Race” Season 23 came to a close Sunday (Dec. 8). Read on to find out which team took home the million dollars.

Leg 11

The two-hour finale did something new for the show this year — it started out with four teams left racing. The teams traveled from Indonesia to Japan, where cousins Leo and Jamal came in last at the pit stop and were eliminated in fourth place.

Leg 12

The last leg of the race took the final three teams from Japan to Alaska, where Nicole struggled with the roadblock where she had to hit a target from a prop plane. It put the married ER doctors Nicole and Travis in last place going into the final stretch of the race.

Unfortunately, Nicole also struggled with the ice-climbing challenge but the patented “Amazing Race” finale end puzzle was the great equalizer. Jason/Amy and Tim/Marie definitely had a lead, but all three teams were there working on the puzzle at the same time.

It was a tricky totem pole assembling puzzle that revolved around remembering all the currency they used along the entire race — yikes.

In the end, Nicole and Travis are just too far behind to catch up during the puzzle, but Jason/Amy and Tim/Marie complete their puzzles in what looks like pretty close times to one another, so it’s a race to the finish.

Jason Case and Amy Diaz, the dating couple from Boston, ends up winning the money. Former Miss Rhode Island USA Diaz says of their win, “Now that we’ve completed the race, we’ve experienced so many highs and lows, I feel like we can pretty much undertake anything.”

Were you pleased with the outcome of “The Amazing Race”?

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