kisha jen amazing race 'Amazing Race' winners Jen and Kisha: 'We finished our business'“The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” wrapped up Sunday night (May 8) with a victory for sisters Jennifer and Kisha Hoffman, as they became the first sisters team to win the million dollar prize. They tell Zap2it that their mom got the best Mother’s Day present ever and that their “business is finished.”

Was “Unfinished Business” harder or easier than your first time around?

Jen: I think definitely it was harder considering the continuation legs that we ran into right off the bat in Australia. We had to endure a lot of things on the first episode and it kind of set the pace for the remainder of the race.”

Which season did you enjoy more?

Kisha: “I think both of the seasons were really great experiences. I think the first time you don’t really know what to prepare for and so you’re just running around trying to complete tasks. This time I think we took a lot more time to enjoy the places. This time around that part was better.”

What was your favorite leg of this season?

Jen: “I don’t really think that we had a favorite leg. I know some of the experiences we had, one in particular when we were in Zermatt in the Alps, those are experiences that we’ll never get to have. We would never have been able to do that ever. So to be able to experience that and see what a day in the life a person that does that for a living goes through is very, very incredible. We thank CBS and we thank the show for allowing us to do that.”

What was the hardest thing or the hardest leg of ‘Unfinished Business’?

Jen: “I think the most challenging leg, it didn’t necessarily have to do with any tasks, but I knowa lot of the elements in China, with the high elevation, it really took a toll on my sister. At some point, we were like, ‘Is it even worth it?’ Those continuation legs were extremely brutal. … We just wanted to make sure we were consistent and, ya know, didn’t come in last.” [laughs]

You mentioned on the show you wanted to help your mom out, kind of repay her for all that she’s done for you guys. Have you been able to do that yet? Do you have any plans yet?

Kisha: “We don’t really get paid yet. [laughs] We’ll talk with her and see what it is she want sot do and we’ll help her out and go from there. That is the best Mother’s Day present ever, to have your daughters that you’re so proud of win a million dollars. She was here, all she did was cry. She just cried a lot yesterday.”

Would you do the race again if you could?

Jen: “No. We finished our business. [laughs]

Kisha: “We’re tired.” [laughs]

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