Amber Heard pulled a pretty big prank on Liam Hemsworth while filming a love scene in “Paranoia.” The actress went on “Conan” to promote the movie, and ended up spilling the beans on the naughty joke she pulled on Hemsworth.

“He was really nervous,” Heard tells O’Brian, recalling how she found a “big black dildo” in the prop department. “I asked the prop guy if I could borrow it, I go over to the bed, pull it into the bed with us … In the scene, [Hemsworth] is supposed to passionately grab my arm and turn me around, and I just substituted my arm for the dildo.”

She adds, “As you can imagine, he was slightly surprised.”

Heard also spoke about this prank at the “Paranoia” premiere, but Hemsworth laughed it off when it was brought up. “It was about that big, a black one,” he says, holding his hands about two feet apart. “And I pulled it out, and everyone was in on it … except me, yeah.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz