The on-going pseudo-feud between model Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian gets another chapter Wednesday (Jan. 11), as Rose goes on the radio and talks about the situation. To catch you up, Rose told Star Magazine that Kim Kardashian was a “homewrecker” and the cause for Rose’s break-up with Kanye West. She later apologized, but she isn’t taking back her story.

Rose says:

“Initially, when I went into that interview, I wasn’t going in to say I’m going to go in and say what happened with Kim and Kanye. It was kind of like the lady said how do you feel about Kim and Kanye dating now, being as though you’re the cause of her and Reggie not being together … and I’m just like, whoa. That’s not the case. I’m gonna let y’all know what the case is. And then I want y’all to leave me alone about this. They ask me that in like every interview …

The story is very, very true, what I said to Star Magazine. I just felt bad, ’cause I’m not the type of person to hurt anyone’s feelings, even if they hurt mine first. I feel bad for calling her a homewrecker, even though what happened in the situation. I’m all about women empowerment and I feel like I stooped down to her level by calling her a homewrecker. It was just the heat of the moment. I was just upset ’cause I feel like her and her family manipulate the media and they make it seem like me and Reggie [Bush] did something bad, or I broke up her relationship with Reggie. And it’s just not the case.”

You can watch the full interview in the clip above. What do you think, Zappers?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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