toby keith artist of the decade aca awards American Country Awards: Toby Keith is the Artist of the DecadeThroughout the awards ceremony during the second annual American Country Awards, the show was counting down the Artists of the Decade. Nos. 10 and 9 were Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, respectively.

No. 8 came as a bit of a surprise – Garth Brooks. Now, we love us some Garth. But we more associate him with the 1990s than the 2000s, you know? His last studio album was released in 2001 and he’s been largely off the radar these last 10 years. But OK.

Nos. 7 and 6 were no surprise and in fact, it was more of a surprise they weren’t higher – Rascal Flatts and Brooks & Dunn, respectively.

Alan Jackson was the fifth spot on the list. He’s another one we associate more with the 1990s, but he has in fact steadily released albums throughout the 2000s, so guess we were mistaken.

No. 4 was George Strait, which is a solid choice. He could probably be named one of the top artists of the last three decades, actually.

Kenny Chesney was no. 3, which is a fine choice, we were just surprised he was above artists like Rascal Flatts and George Strait. No. 2 was Tim McGraw, which is a very good choice. He’s been top-notch during the 2000s.

But who is the Artist of the Decade? Toby Keith. He performed live after being named as such and we’ll post video as soon as we have it.

They finally said at the end that the award was for the star who has had their records played the most on country radio over the last 10 years, which explains Garth Brooks’ inclusion on the list. We’re also a little surprised no women are on there.

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