american horror story asylum finale madness ends 'American Horror Story: Asylum' finale spoilers: Five things to look forward to when 'Madness Ends'

“American Horror Story: Asylum” has featured aliens, Nazis, possessed nuns and serial killers during its 13-episode-long season, but all that intrigue will be tied up when “Madness Ends” airs at 10 p.m. on FX.

Does the madness actually end in the “American Horror Story” second season finale? That’s for you to decide. Expect for all the various season-long storylines that are still open to be wrapped up, though maybe not in the way you might have anticipated. Also, prepare to see one heavily-makeup’ed — yet still fabulous — Sarah Paulson

We’ve already had the chance to see the final episode of “Asylum,” and to help ease your wait until it airs tonight, here are five spoilery teases from the finale.

1) Lana Winters wasn’t done writing with “Maniac”

Kit Walker’s criticism of Lana Winters’ motivation in “Continuum” came a bit premature, it seems. When viewers meet Lana in all her modern day, Barbara Walters-like glory in “Madness Ends,” they learn that “Maniac” was far from her only hit. In fact, she even made that expose on Briarcliff that she always promised.

2) Sister Jude gives us our final “Lana Banana”

Just who is this “Lana Winters” person anyway? We only know the intrepid reporter by the nickname sister Jude gave her: Lana Banana. Jessica Lange gets to utter the term for the last time during the “Asylum” finale, and it seems like Lana has finally become endeared to the term.

3) Bloody Face’s confession tape makes a reappearance

What ever did happen to Bloody Face’s confession tape that Lana and Kit Walker recorded? Expect to find out in the final episode of “Asylum” — and have its final resting place make the motivations of a certain character a bit clearer.

4) Dylan McDermott comes face-to-face with Sarah Paulson

You didn’t think Murphy would actually let “Asylum” end without the son of Bloody Face meeting his mother, did you? Dylan McDermott’s Johnny finally gets his wish in “Madness Ends” and meets Lana Winters, though it doesn’t go exactly the way he — or the audience — expects.

5) The angel of death only claims one victim

Frances Conroy’s angel of death has taken — or at least tried to take — many characters during the course of “Asylum’s” run, but she’s only saved one kiss for its the season finale. That doesn’t mean that only one character will die, of course. So is the lucky actor or actress who gets to lock lips with Conroy? Well, you’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz