zachary quinto jessica lange american horror story asylum anne frank part 2 fx 'American Horror Story: Asylum': Five big questions from 'I Am Anne Frank, Part 2'Five episodes in to “American Horror Story: Asylum” and the miniseries event is really heating up.

Here are five burning questions we were left with after watching “I Am Anne Frank, Part 2”:

5. Will those kids who saw Shelley (Chloe Sevigny) ever sleep again?

Has anyone had it worse on “Asylum” than poor Shelley? After surviving Arden’s horrific experiments, she can’t help but terrorize helpless school kids. C’mon kids, all she needs is a hug.

lizzie brochere american horror story asylum fx 'American Horror Story: Asylum': Five big questions from 'I Am Anne Frank, Part 2'4. Can Grace (Lizzie Brochere) help Kit (Evan Peters) if everyone thinks she’s crazy?

First Kit. Then Sister Jude. Now Grace has come face to face with the aliens. Not only that, she saw and spoke with Kit’s supposedly dead wife, Alma, inside the alien ship (or wherever it is they take people after abducting them). Back in Briarcliff, Grace tries to warn Kit but she’s too late: the police are already dragging him away thanks to the confession he taped for Thredson.

3. Has Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) left the church for good?

Dr. Arden didn’t like Sister Jude sniffing around his lab and asking questions about the past. With the Monsignor wrapped around his little finger, Arden had no problem getting Sister Jude kicked out of Briarcliff. The oppressive patriarchy claims another victim, at least for the moment.

2. When will the truth about Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) come out?

Now that Charlotte Brown (Franka Potente) has been lobotomized and Sister Jude has been exiled, it appears that the pesky Nazi accusations against Arden could also go away. But Charlotte spurred Sister Jude to reach out to a Nazi hunter (Mark Margolis), who may yet crack the case. There’s definitely more to the story, as that final close-up on the photo from Charlotte’s collection proved.

zachary-quinto-american-horror-story-asylum-doctor-Thredson-fx.jpg1. Is Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) actually Bloody Face? And does that mean Lana (Sarah Paulson) is doomed?

We knew Thredson was too good to be true — manipulating Kit into taping that confession and giving Lana false hope that she’d be free from Briarcliff — but the revelation that he’s the maniac killer Bloody Face? Nope, didn’t exactly expect that. At least not until he brought Lana to his humble abode, which looked like it doubled as the set of “The Human Centipede.” (That’s one horror movie we really hope “AHS” never honors with a “homage.”)

And what happens to poor Lana now? She’s trapped in Thredson’s underground lair with the frozen body of true love Wendy (Clea DuVall) only inches away. Briarcliff was bad enough on the inside. But the outside is even worse.

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