lizzie brochere american horror story asylum grace fx 'American Horror Story: Asylum': Lizzie Brochere talks aliens, Evan Peters and being afraid of closetsFrench actress Lizzie Brochere isn’t just new to the “American Horror Story” family, she’s new to working in Hollywood period.

So imagine what it must be like when your U.S. debut comes in a TV miniseries involving Nazis, aliens, sadistic nuns, mutants and serial killers.

“This season is getting more and more twisted, and going in darker and darker places,” Brochere promises. “It’ll be a pleasure to talk to everyone once we’re allowed to actually say everything.”

Until then, Brochere participated in a conference call to discuss what’s been revealed so far about her character, Grace, and one little spoiler about where she’s headed next. (Be sure to stop reading after she discusses Evan Peters if you don’t want to know any details at all.)

On preparing to play Grace and how she relates to the character…

“When we started shooting we already had the first four scripts, so I [knew] the back story of Grace in the fourth episode. Since she was based on this American character, Lizzie Borden, I read a lot about Lizzie Borden. I discovered a source book with her inquest testimony; I loved reading it out loud. I thought she was so smart and strangely fascinating, that character. I don’t know if it helped my acting, but it was necessary for me to know a bit more of that character who was a very important American figure. I had no clue who she was.

“I did a lot of — this is going to sound weird — but I did a lot of stretching, yoga and dancing, almost ballet. I felt [Grace] is always moving in a very smooth way, and she’s very sexy, so you want her to be moving in a smoother way than I do.

“Grace is somewhere in me. Her sarcasm, her way of seeing life and that liveliness she has. It wasn’t that hard to tap into her, apart from the killing of [her] dad and all of that.”

On filming Grace’s flashback scenes…

“The whole crew was so happy to change my look, and they were really excited about doing flashbacks and knowing a little bit more about Grace. So everything, costumes and hair [was different]. They really wanted to show Grace as she was before the asylum.  

“The actual murder scenes — there was a lot of blood, a lot of different axes. I think we had six different axes that are still in the props office, and they’re all on the walls. You have one that’s a rubber axe, and then you have another one that’s a real axe, and you should never mix it up with the other one! Then you have another one that’s a half cut axe, so that you can pretend that it’s in the body and you only have a part of it sticking out of the body. I mean we have so many different axes; it was funny.”

On whether or not she gets scared from working on the show…

“I did get the creeps. The story was so dark and all these flashbacks that we shot… For example, when I hide in the closet — it’s a fake flashback, but still, we did it for real. I go back and I think that I’m saved and then there’s this foot with blood dripping on my shoulder right next to me. So realistic, so realistic! It was crazy. I couldn’t open the closets after that for a week at my place.”

evan peters lizzie brochere american horror story asylum fx 'American Horror Story: Asylum': Lizzie Brochere talks aliens, Evan Peters and being afraid of closetsOn what she thought of “American Horror Story” Season 1 and working with Evan Peters (who played Tate, and now plays Kit)…

“I have seen Season 1, and I have to say that one of the reasons I loved Season 1 was because of Tate. I came out of watching Season 1, and said, ‘Wow, who’s that? He’s awesome.’ I was really excited to be working with [Evan]. He’s great. The thing is since we’re in an asylum, we haven’t been collaborating much. It’s a lot about characters being alone with their story and kind of colliding in [certain] scenes.

“For the first three episodes, I didn’t feel comfortable collaborating with him on scenes because you don’t want to get too familiar. You want to keep that distance. With [episode] four, we kind of bonded and trusted each other more as our characters were more themselves.”

[Spoiler Alert!] On the future of Grace and why she’s excited about what happens next…

“[Grace] joins a storyline that I cherish a lot, which is the alien storyline, and that is something that I’ve been really looking forward to.  

“I’m so happy about that because when you move to the United States for work, which is what I just did, you have a visa where they call you ‘an alien with extraordinary ability.’ That’s what I am right now. It’s strange, in the administration system, you have a label which is a visa 01, which is for ‘aliens with extraordinary ability.’ Good Lord!

“Ever since moving to the U.S., I’ve been like, ‘Oh aliens, interesting.’ So when I got the script everything kind of made sense in a way. I love being close to that storyline because I felt so much like an alien.”

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