american horror story coven go to hell witches 'American Horror Story: Coven': Death is the best thing to happen to the coven“American Horror Story: Coven” brings the gore in “Go to Hell,” but it might be our favorite episode so far. Who knew we just needed to cull a few witches to feel like the coven is in really good shape?

The Supreme

The episode opens with an awesome witchy PSA that informs us just what the Seven Wonders test consists of: Telekinesis, concilium (mind control), transmutation, divination,
vitalum vitalis (exchanging life force), descensum (decent into the
underworld) and pyrokinesis.

Cordelia is still determined to unite the coven and defeat her mother, but she is dismayed to find out that she did not regain “the sight” by blinding herself with a pair of pruning shears. That’s a bummer.

However, Fiona informs her that it’s not about self-mutilation, it’s about believing in yourself. Fiona gives Delia a necklace that belonged to Fi’s mom and Cordelia gets “the sight” back. She then has a vision of all the witches dead, scatted around the academy like ragdolls, at the hand of the Axeman.

When Cordelia pays him a visit, she talks some sense into him about how her mother is just using him and plans to have him kill all her competition and then skip town without him. When he later storms the academy with his trusty axe, Cordelia “sees” that he killed her mother in a rage after Fiona told him she doesn’t love him.

He reveals that he fed Fiona to the gators, which even Misty can’t bring somebody back from, so we believe that we have actually bid Fiona adieu. Her portrait looks gorgeous.

Hell is Other People

In other news, Fiona decides Queenie needs to take the Seven Wonders test, so Queenie begins studying up. Part of her studies involve visiting her own personal hell (working at Chubbie’s Chicken back in Detroit), which affords her some face time with Papa Legba.

Queenie wants to kill Delphine for what she did to Marie (chopped her up and buried her all over New Orleans), so Queenie enlists Legba’s help — if he renegs on his bargain with Marie under the rather sly loophole that she can’t provide innocent sacrifices anymore if she’s in pieces all over the city, then Marie is suddenly mortal and so, therefore, is Delphine.

Queenie tracks Delphine down giving tours at her own house, painting Madame LaLaurie as some kind of misunderstood visionary, instead of a psycho, sadistic murderer. Queenie stabs her in her attic o’ horrors and Delphine finds herself in her own personal hell — locked in her attic with her daughters, being tortured by Marie Laveau.

It’s Marie’s personal hell too, since she’s being forced to torture Delphine’s daughters (who are innocent) and also because she’s no longer mortal.

And with that, the big 3 are done, it would seem. Oh, and the Axeman got stabbed about a thousand times and is also gone, but we didn’t care so much about him, so.

The Seven Wonders

The dispatching of Fiona, Marie and Delphine leaves a coven full of increasingly powerful young witches all wondering which one of them is Supreme. Myrtle is there to be the awesome housemother we know she can be and they set the test for dawn. Everybody participates.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Love Fiona referring to Papa Legba as “that half-baked Beetlejuice.” Hee.
  • Speaking of half-baked, they kind of shoe-horned in Delphine talking about “redemption” while watching those clips of scandals and people apologizing. Could’ve done without that, especially since we’ve established that she’s an actual psychopath.
  • Do you suppose the necklace from Cordelia’s grandmother is what gave her the sight back?
  • Or was it just her believing in herself because the power was inside her all the time, like Fiona said?
  • No Stevie Nicks this episode, save Misty singing “Landslide” quietly to herself while entombed where Madison left her to die. Which means Nicks is back for next week’s finale, since she appears in two episodes.
  • Place your bets — who’s the next Supreme? We’ve thought all along it would end up being Misty, but after this episode, we’re leaning more towards Cordelia, which would be very fitting.

Best Lines:

Cordelia: “Stop being so literal and remember who you are. When the rest of the world sees a wall, we see a window.”

Misty: “You b****. You thought I was some dumb swamp rat you could leave behind to die?”
Madison: “Um, yes.”
Myrtle: “Girls, stop these vulgar fisticuffs at once. It’s beneath us.”

Madison: “He’s a psycho mass murderer.”
Myrtle: “Is there anyone here of whom that cannot be said?”

Fiona: “You have been the most delightful distraction, a life-preserver. But I’m gonna be on dry land soon.”

What did you think of “Go to Hell”?

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