american horror story last supper 'American Horror Story: Coven' finale: The new Supreme is ...“The Seven Wonders” is hands down our favorite episode of “American Horror Story: Coven.” Way to go out with a bang, show. In fact, we liked it so much that part of us wishes Season 4 was a continuation of “Coven.”

Warning: Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

The Seven Wonders

Almost all of the action in the final episode revolves around the four young girls — Zoe, Madison, Queenie and Misty — taking part in the Seven Wonders test to determine who the next Supreme is. Fiona warned Queenie last episode that witches can die during the test and she was not exaggerating.

After everyone passes telekinesis and concilium (mind control), the next test is descensum, which sends each girl’s soul into the underworld and only the strongest can come back to our world. If you don’t return by sun-up, you’re toast.

We get some more fun insight into everyone’s personal Hell. Queenie is back at the chicken shack, Madison was in a network musical (hee) and Zoe was Kyle breaking up with her and telling her over and over that he doesn’t love her. They all manage to return, however.

But poor Misty is back in school, where everybody thought she was a freak, having to kill a live frog in science class over and over again after she keeps bringing it back to life. She hates killing anything and completely panics. Back in the mansion, Cordelia holds her comatose body, begging her to return, but the sun rises and Misty turns to ash and is gone.

One down, three to go.

During transmutation, the girls are playing a game of tag and just as Cordelia warns them to be careful, Zoe reappears atop the gate, impaled on a spike. Queenie uses her body as a chance to show her vitalum vitalis skills (whatever happened to calling it “resurgence”?), but she can’t do it. Queenie’s not the Supreme either.

That leaves the lovely Madison Montgomery, who, instead of breathing life back into Zoe, kills a fly and brings it back to life. She doesn’t have to use her powers to bring Zoe back, after all. She can demonstrate the skill on anything. Alas, it looks as though poor Zoe is a goner.

It is at this point that Myrtle urges Cordelia to try the Seven Wonders. She flies through her tests until it’s time for Delia and Madison to face off at divination, which requires them to find hidden objects in the house belonging to former Supremes by divining the locations from a cup of beans spilled on the table.

Delia does it … and Madison can’t. Poor, dysfunctional Madison freaks out and tries to storm off, heading back to Hollywood to tell TMZ all about witches, but Kyle (who is devastated at the loss of Zoe) kills her for not saving his beloved. To add insult to injury, Kyle gives Madison’s body to Spalding.

At this point, Cordelia brings Zoe back and takes her place as the rightful new Supreme and then in an awesome twist, gives an interview with a reporter where she outs witches, talking about how it’s a thing you’re born with and that it’s nothing to hide from or be scared of. Delia ends the interview by inviting all young women who have powers to come to Miss Robichaux’s in New Orleans.

As we wait for the new students to arrive, Myrtle says Delia must reign now and part of that is upholding their laws — which means burning Myrtle at the stake for melon-balling-out the eyes of her fellow Council members. Myrtle goes once again to her death like a champ.

But in another amazing twist, Fiona is still alive and kicking. She faked her death with the Axeman so she could suss out the next Supreme. But now she’s really got one foot in the grave and in her last moments, she makes peace with Cordelia and dies in her arms.

Delightfully, Fiona’s Hell is living in the farmhouse with the Axeman. Ha!

Cordelia, newly-revived Zoe and Queenie welcome a batch of new, special girls to the academy, as Kyle plays the new role of Spalding and we fade to black.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Two Stevie Nicks treats this episode — “Seven Wonders” and “Silver Springs.”
  • The only thing we are really bummed about is Misty’s death. It is completely within character for her not to be able to fight back against her own personal Hell, but it still stinks. We would love for her to blossom under Cordelia’s tutelage.
  • Love the dig at “Sound of Music.” We personally really enjoyed NBC’s musical, but it’s totally the kind of thing Madison Montgomery would despise being a part of.
  • Don’t you wish “Coven” was continuing? It’s not like the stakes are terribly high, what with Marie and Fiona gone and witches being outed, so no more witch hunters. But we love the thought of watching “Witch Academy” on FX every week.

Best Lines:

Madison “I was stuck on a network musical, a live version of ‘The Sound of Music.’ I wasn’t even the lead, I was Liesl.”

Cordelia: “To quote the Bible, loosely, ‘When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I understood like a child, I thought like a child. But when I became a woman, I put aside childish things. Childhood is over, my girls. Put aside fears, reservations and petty things. Kick a** tomorrow.”

Madison: “She lost, fair and square. Not my fault. You can’t disqualify me. Either I’m Supreme or I’m not. You know, I’m starting to think Fiona had the right idea, leaving this s***show behind. I’m thinking very seriously about doing the same thing. So either crown me, or kiss my a**.”

Myrtle: “First you were suppressed by your mother, then by your own theories. You have great power, my girl. Power that has been seeing expression in these young vessels. But it’s in you. Let it out. You must perform the Seven Wonders.”

Madison: “Who knew the test came in braille?”

Fiona: “You took my power the minute I gave birth to you.”

What did you think of the finale to “American Horror Story: Coven”?

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