american horror story gift guide 'American Horror Story' holiday gift guide: A spirit board, Bloody Face and moreHoliday shopping season is upon us and if
you’re like us, you are always looking for fun suggestions for loved
ones. For the special “American Horror Story” fan in your life, here are some recommendations from Zap2it.

Gifts Under $50

The official “Murder House” poster ($14.95): This image has always creeped us way out. Pregnant Connie Britton in the floor and Rubber Man lunging from the ceiling. A definite must-have for the “AHS” fan who prefers Season 1.

Pentagram Gaelic-plait bracelet ($29.95): The official FX store is mostly T-shirts and DVDs, but they do have a few pieces of jewelry that are quite lovely. This simple pentagram bracelet will charm any witch or warlock in your life.

The “Books of Blood” by Clive Barker ($45): No horror library is complete without some Clive Barker and a great place to start is his collection of short stories that propelled him into the scene in 1984. They are not for the faint of heart.

american horror story spirit board 'American Horror Story' holiday gift guide: A spirit board, Bloody Face and more“AHS: Coven” spirit board ($50): You could get your coven a spirit board. This hand-crafted wooden piece is better than anything we’ve seen in stores. Just be careful you don’t release the Axeman.

Scary stories tote bag ($50): This is a unique piece for the horror fan in your life. The black and white bag is gothic and modern all at the same time.

Gifts Under $100

The black rubber suit ($54.95): We aren’t exactly sure what someone would do with a black rubber suit like Rubber Man wore in Season 1. We probably don’t want to know. But you can get someone his or her very own.

A Sister Jude costume ($60): Nun on the outside, vixen on the inside. If “Asylum” was more your “AHS” fan’s taste, he or she could exorcise (exercise?) the demons with this Sister Jude outfit. Riding crop not included.

La Fleur de Baudelaire bracelet ($74.95): For the “Coven” fan whose tastes are a little fancier than a pentagram bracelet, this beautiful piece of jewelry is an ode to the 19th-century French gothic poet Charles Baudelaire (pictured above, left).

Gifts Over $100

Bed Of Blood-Roses necklace ($124.95): This is a gorgeous gothic piece with black roses entwined around a heart (which contains Swarovski crystals). Might be a little dark for the average TV fan, but “AHS” fans are sure to love it.

An “AHS” snake candle and snuffer ($128): Act fast and your favorite “Coven” fan can have an official “AHS” black box that contains a black candle in the shape of a snake wrapped around an apple with a candle snuffer to boot (pictured above, right).

Bloody Face mask ($1400): If you have a cool $1400 lying around, the “Asylum” fan in your life is sure to love this ridiculously well-made Bloody Face mask. Would you even wear this, considering how expensive it is? Either way, it’s pretty cool (pictured above, middle).

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