american horror story episode 1 fx 'American Horror Story's' latest promos: Real estate nightmare

House with a dark past? Check. Portends of death? Check. Creepy twins? Check.

From the looks of the latest spots, FX’s upcoming “American Horror Story” seems to adhere to most manners of the genre, with a rubber-suited mystery man thrown in the mix for fun.

Premiering Wednesday, Oct. 5., the latest venture from “Glee” co-creators creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk acknowledges their other series… while showing that it’s a complete 180 from the FOX musical.

Two new promos offer the first real look at the pilot episode after over a month of cryptic spots. And though the scenario is still far from clear, one thing is certain. The characters know what they’re getting into.

When scoping out their new (haunted) home, Vivien (Connie Britton) and Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) get full disclosure from their real estate agent. The last tenants left as the result of a murder-suicide.

As you might guess, that doesn’t dissuade them…

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell