sarah paulson jessica lange american horror story coven 'American Horror Story's' Sarah Paulson: 'There is love' between Cordelia and FionaSarah Paulson‘s Cordelia had an emotional last episode of “American Horror Story: Coven,” when she regained not only “the sight,” but the ability to see the future, while simultaneously losing her mother, Fiona (Jessica Lange).

Paulson tells E! News that in the end, there was love between Fiona and Cordelia, just not the typical kind.

“There is love there. It’s not expressed in a typical mother/daughter fashion, but it is there. It’s very interesting that that’s the moment that she was able to take flight with her power in a new way,” says Paulson.

The show is gearing up for its fourth season, with details trickling out here and there — a 1950s setting and Lange working on her German accent. We have to wonder if the show will be more darkly funny like it is for “Coven,” or if it’ll return to the grittier place of “Asylum.” Paulson tells E! that’s one of the exciting aspects of working on “AHS.”

“That’s what’s so cool about the show. It’s constantly changing and constantly evolving. … It was very dark last year, very kind of real and didn’t have a kind of camp quality at all. And this year … it’s very dark and there’s a great deal of humor this year,” she says. “And so I sort of think the most exciting thing from an acting standpoint is to be on a show that doesn’t get stuck in a rut. It’s something different every single time and that’s just really exciting.”

Paulson also reveals the one thing she wanted from this year’s set was her walking cane, but the props department said she would have to wait until everything was wrapped.

“American Horror Story: Coven’s” finale airs Wednesday (Jan. 29) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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