Amy Adams seems like a fairly sweet, subdued person in real life, but she undergoes quite the transformation in the upcoming David O. Russell movie “American Hustle.” She vsited “Good Morning America” Tuesday (Dec. 10) to talk about the flick and opened up about one particularly rough scene when she hit Bradley Cooper so hard in the face that it started swelling up.

It wasn’t an easy scene for Adams, who said she really had to be coerced into the action. Because of that, she hit him harder than she probably should have.

“I believe you can accomplish something without hurting someone, so I kept hitting him and I guess it wasn’t reading as hard enough, so David’s yelling, ‘Hit him! Hit him!’ and Bradley’s yelling, ‘Hit me! Hit me!’ So I did and his face starting swelling,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘I certainly hope you have it because I think Bradley needs some ice.’ I felt very badly about that.”

During the interview, Adams talks about switching accents and juggling her two film relationships, as well as her scenes opposite Jennifer Lawrence. “She’s just unstoppable. She’s a phenomenon,” Adams gushes of her co-star.

“American Hustle” is due in theaters on Dec. 20.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz