Candice Glover had a good night on “American Idol.” After all, it’s not everybody who gets glitter-bombed by Mariah Carey! But Candice deserved the applause and the judges’ praise more than anyone after her incredible performance of Adele‘s “Lovesong” (originally written by The Cure).

What did Candice have to say after that?

What were you thinking when you got to the end of the song and saw the reaction?

Candice Glover: The audience was standing up before I even got the chance to finish! So I was like wait — what? Is everybody leaving? I thought it sucked!

And then I just lost it because I didn’t expect — I expected Mariah to like it because that’s what she’s been asking for for the past three weeks, so I was like, “Well let me give her what she wants, and I think she’ll like this.” But the screams and the cheers in the crowd was more than I could’ve ever asked for and I just broke down doing the ugly cry and everything.

And you got glitter-bombed!

Candice Glover: I don’t know why she had that. [laughs]

Do you know where she got the glitter from?

Candice Glover: I have no idea. It was just a gold box and then she gave me the box! And it was an empty box but she was like, [in a Mariah voice] “This is what I carried it in, dahling.” [laughs] And I was like, oh okay! But you know if Mariah Carey throws glitter at you it must mean something good, so I was happy!

You got emotional. You had that moment when you turned around…

Candice Glover: Yeah, because I cry ugly. I don’t want anybody to see me crying. Oh my God! It was horrible.

What did your fellow contestants say to you after? Everybody came out hugging, wiping tears off their face.

Candice Glover: Yeah, everybody was like, “We were all back there crying!” I was like, “Don’t make me cry again!” … I love all of them.

How does it feel to be told you performed one of the best songs in “Idol” history?

Candice Glover: Well, I was once an “American Idol” reject. This is my third time, and just that Randy’s been here all 12 seasons and he’s seen me get cut, and he’s always been the one to fight for me. So for him to say out of all 12 seasons or out of any show, I’m just so appreciative that he said that and he gets me and he understands.

I was really nervous because “Lovesong,” what I did with it is definitely what I see myself doing in the future. I’ve been doing all the upbeat songs for the past three weeks and I didn’t want America to be like, “Well, she’s just going to do that again.” So I wanted to change
it up and show them “me.” Out of all the performances that I’ve done, this one was the most like me. It just felt like me and I’m just glad that they accepted it.

There’s a long history of people on music competitions not singing

Candice Glover: Adele very well. How much were you thinking about that?

I felt really nervous because you don’t touch Adele. At first, Adele was just really overdone and so I wanted to stay away from her, because anybody that did it didn’t get the best feedback. So I was like, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t do that,” but then I was like, “I really, really love this song and I’m just going to do it.” And it worked. I’m just so happy and grateful that it worked.

You were amazing tonight.

Candice Glover: Everybody was amazing tonight! I really enjoyed … because I was last, I was just back there enjoying the concert that was going on.

And you got to be the amazing closing act!

Candice Glover: Yeah, that felt great too.

Everyone is going to be talking about this performance tomorrow.

Candice Glover: Oh my God…

Posted by:Laurel Brown