casey abrams nature boy 'American Idol': Casey Abrams' 'Nature Boy' gets a standing ovationMoving straight to the top of our “people to never listen to” list: Jimmy Iovine.

The “American Idol” mentor was firmly against Casey Abrams‘ decision to sing Nat King Cole‘s “Nature Boy” during the April 13 performance episode. And though Abrams briefly flirting with dropping the tune for Phil Collins, he stuck to his guns.

He’s probably pretty glad he did, because the judges all but hemorrhaged praise for his soft, jazzy rendition of the song — complete with what we think might be the first contestant-strummed upright bass in live “Idol” history.

After rising to their feet and begging for an encore, all three of them lavished Abrams with comparisons to successful genre artists like Norah Jones and Michael Bubl�.

Randy Jackson called him a “true artist,” noting that the show has never seen anyone like him, for the umpteenth time this season.

We liked it, but we were still in our chair when it was over. Maybe something got lost in the airwaves?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell