american idol top 6 cj harris eliminated 'American Idol' castoff C.J. Harris plans to move to Nashville (but first, play guitar with his son)“American Idol” Season 13 finalist C.J. Harris came to terms very quickly with his exit from the competition after the Top 6’s country and rock ‘n’ roll week.

“Well, I’m feeling just fine,” he tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage shortly after his elimination from the competition.

“I mean, it did hurt, of course — it’s going to hurt anybody at this point when you made it this far,” Harris says. “I’m extremely proud. I’m not a guy that just thinks about myself or anything like that. I’m extremely proud of those people that made the top five and I’m just going to keep pushing with my career. I’m going to make the best out of it. I’m definitely not done, I’m going to keep going.”
After the heartwarming group hug from his fellow contestants, Harris got a few words of advice from “Idol’s” resident country expert, judge Keith Urban. “Keith just told me that I have a really good voice and he expects to see me in the industry somewhere recording an album,” Harris says. “Basically they all told me the same thing — I just got to keep pushing, record an album, figure out what I want to do and just chase after it.”

Much like Harris’ “Idol” roommate, Dexter Roberts, who left in seventh place, a move to Nashville is in his future. “That’s what I want to do. I want to move to Nashville, Tennessee. It’s close to back home … where the blues and the Southern rock and all that stuff come from,” he says. “I want to stay close to home back in the South, like Nashville and different things like that, but wherever life takes me is where I have to be.”

In the meantime, however, Harris is happy just to be at home with his little boy. “Aw man, he’ll probably just sit on my lap and strum on my lap like he always does,” Harris says. “He loves to play guitar and sing and beat on the back of the seat like he’s playing drums. Can’t wait.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley