colton dixon lady gaga 'American Idol': Colton Dixon is 'totally confused' by the judges' critiques of 'September'While Colton Dixon got his usual rave reviews from the “American Idol” judges for his Top 7 performance of Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance,” but Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler didn’t particularly care for his take on Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.”

“You sound good but it was not exciting like we would have liked,” Jackson says after Dixon turns the tune into a mournful piano ballad. Tyler says he wishes Dixon had picked a song that showed off his voice a little more.

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Dixon admits to Zap2it after the show that he doesn’t completely agree with their statements. “The judges were a little rough, and honestly, I don’t get it. I did the
song the way I wanted to do it, I thought I did it well, and that was
that. I was totally confused by what they were saying. I kind of
understand it, but I’m not the guy to really show off vocally.
I’m the guy who changes up a song and makes it my own.”

That said, he’ll absolutely incorporate their feedback into his next performance. “I’m a little
confused, but I’ll take it, I’ll run with it. If I’m here next week,
I’ll try to choose another song that’s a little more impressive vocally.”

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Thankfully, his Gaga performance went over a lot better, and Dixon is proud of his arrangement. When he chose the song, he says he had two important pieces of criteria. “[I thought] first of all, it has to be a rock song, because I’m durn well
gonna do a rock song this week. [Then] I was like, ‘It needs to be out of
the box and different,'” he explains. “I saw ‘Bad Romance’ and I thought of the melody and I’m like, ‘I could
totally metal the snot out of this.’ So I took on
the challenge, and I had so much fun with it.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley