corey clark suicide attempt gi 'American Idol' finalist Corey Clark admits to suicide attemptIt seems the nearly never-ending battle between Corey Clark and “American Idol” took quite a toll on the Season 1 finalist.

In a new interview with RumorFix, Clark admits that the 10-year-long legal battle over his 2003 disqualification from the hit FOX reality show for allegedly lying about a domestic violence arrest led to the singer making an attempt on his own life.

“I’ve had some really bad moments,” he reveals. “The whole purpose of me even talking about anything was because I was being blacklisted and being oppressed behind the scenes and people weren’t looking at it. That really depressed me. I attempted suicide back in 2006 and they had to revive me.” 

Clark says he tried to hang himself while in jail.

Now married with three kids, Clark admits he’s had to go on food stamps at times to help support his family. “People might say ‘You’re a bum,’ but when you have kids to feed you have to do what you have to do. I work regular jobs, I do my music, take care of my kids,” he says.

Since his disqualification from the series, Clark has been a part of three lawsuits connected to the situation.

Posted by:Billy Nilles