idol jersey 320 'American Idol' gets the 'Jersey Shore' treatment: Fist pumping with SeacrestWhen “American Idol” goes to Jersey, it’s do-as-the-Guidos-do. They even retooled that classic blue spinning “Idol” logo to match the crumbling “Jersey Shore” stamp logo MTV uses. With Hardnox’s song “Fist Pump” playing in the background, we will never forget Ryan Seacrest pausing beside a Pauly D lookalike to beat up the beat.

Vinny definitely approves – he tweeted his thanks to Seacrest. “hey @ , way to get every1 to fistpump on American idol.” (Good to know he’s an “Idol” fan. We bet he voted for Crystal Bowersox.)

We got a Jersey vocabulary lesson: “Hello” is “how you doin’, OH!” and “you’re welcome” is “fugettaboutit, OH!” Don’t forget that OH, or you’ll out yourself as a foreigner.

“Rule out everything you know about fashion and if all else fails remember less is definitely more,” Seacrest says as the camera focuses in on a long-haired fellow flexing and a woman wearing shorts with “Jersey Shore” stamped on the booty.

Speaking of fashion, we meet the lovely Tiffany, who has two silver foil stars fixed to her bikini top. “I’m going to demonstrate the typical Jersey hairdo and all you haters out there can go get a life,” she says, showing us how to tease it up before she gets in front of J.Lo – who, by the way, is her role model.

While Jennifer Lopez and Tiffany share an emotional hug, bonding over fallen singer Selena, leave it to Steven Tyler to ruin the touching moment. He leans over to Randy Jackson and whispers, “Are you looking down, boy? I see you looking down.”

You see, Tiffany and Lopez share certain… assets.

(Wow, it’s lke it’s 2001 all over again. Jokes about J.Lo’s butt! Next thing you know, Justin Timberlake will be wearing bedazzled bandannas.)

Luckily, we’ll be seeing Jersey Tiffany again. “She’s out of her mind but I love it,” Lopez says after the judges table lets Tiffany through to Hollywood.

Iiiiiiiit’s t-shirt time!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie