american idol sam woolf caleb johnson birthday 'American Idol': How did Sam Woolf and Caleb Johnson celebrate their birthdays?It’s a popular week to have a birthday if you’re a contestant on “American Idol” — two of the Top 6 singers, Sam Woolf and Caleb Johnson, celebrated their days of birth throughout the third week of April. In fact, Johnson’s 23rd took place on Top 6 performance night (April 23), as he and the rest of the finalists sang country and rock tunes.

When Zap2it spoke to Johnson after the show, he hadn’t yet figured out what he was going to do to celebrate. “We have to do the roundtable dinner thing so hopefully they’ll set up hookers or something,” he jokes to a small group of reporters.

Just kidding — Alex Preston reveals the far less rock and roll true plans for the night. “I think his mom’s going to make us dinner and I don’t know what else we’re going to do,” he says. “We’re probably going to chill and play X-Box or something.”

For Woolf’s 18th on April 19, the celebration was similarly subdued. Nothing too crazy happened — “Cupcakes and that’s it,” Woolf reveals. (His favorite is vanilla.)

Now that he doesn’t have to have his guardians with him — his grandparents already flew back home to Florida — he’s enjoying the perks of being a grown-up. The biggest one? He isn’t required to spend so many hours in school. “I still go to school. I don’t have to go as long,” he says. “Usually you’re required to go three hours if you’re a minor so I only go, like, an hour a day instead of three.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley