Last week, Amber Holcomb found herself in the bottom two after the Top 9 performances of “American Idol.” She needed a comeback to get past that disappointment.

Motown week may have provided that: Both Amber’s solo and her trio were praised by the judges. We talked to Amber after the show to see how she was feeling.

Mostly, Amber seemed to be pretty excited about a new week on “Idol” — a big change from the week before. “The first night, I was like, ‘Oh my God! I’m gonna go home next week! Everybody hates me!'” the singer said of last week’s results. “But as the days went on, I was like, ‘Okay, you’re still here. Get it together.’ But that night, when they went to take pictures, I didn’t smile. I was sad.”

It was all the more exciting for Amber when, this week, she received some of the most positive feedback of the night from the judges. “I feel good about the standing ovation,” she said of her Stevie Wonder solo, showing a smile. “I mean, everybody wants one, and they’ve been really stingy about them lately. So to get one was really good.”

As for her trio of “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” with Candice Glover and Angie Miller, Amber expressed nothing but excitement and pleasure. “Oh my gosh, the group song! When he told me we were doing that, I was like ‘Yay!’ I love that song,” she exclaimed.

Will these performances be enough to keep Amber going? It does look that way.

Posted by:Laurel Brown