american idol 13 top 7 jena caleb prom duet rolling stones 'American Idol': Jena and Caleb really are going to prom togetherJena Irene mentioned on “American Idol” 13 Top 7 performance night that she plans on taking her fellow finalist Caleb Johnson to her senior prom — and she wasn’t kidding. Schedule permitting, Caleb has already agreed to be her date.

“Prom is May 30th for my school, so I hope we get to go. We’ve been talking about it for, like, months,” she tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after the Top 7 performance show. “I really hope he does because [otherwise] I don’t have a prom date!”

That’s the week after the finale, so it could conflict with post-finale press if either (or both!) make the Top 2.

Jena says she and Caleb are close friends because they have the same inappropriate sense of humor, so she asked him to prom because she knew it would be a good time.

“I think we’re like the same person, except I have boobs and he doesn’t. We’re like the same person. We have the same personality,” she says. “He just makes me laugh so much and we just have the same sense of humor — it’s kind of dirty and twisted. It would be a fun night. He would be a fun date to go with.”

Says Johnson, “She asked me and I said ‘Let’s do it.’ It might be illegal,” he jokes. “I’m 22 and she’s 17.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley