idol new promo 'American Idol': Judge centric promos get us excited for Season 10

After watching the new “American Idol” promos, which focus solely on the experts sitting behind that hallowed table, we wholeheartedly agree with Steven Tyler: “Let’s get this season started!” Except when we sing it, it’s really off-key, but you get the idea.

FOX just released four new judge-centric promos for season 10 and they’re getting us pretty excited for the show’s return in January.

We get a little taste of Tyler and Jennifer Lopez’s judging abilities and they each seem to have some Paula Abdul in them. Tyler is a little bit kooky (he sings some responses and throws his arms around a lot), while Lopez is unfailingly kind (“It takes a lot of guts for us to come out here. We know this … Have fun and believe in your destiny” and “we want you to be great” are both said within a 30 second span.)

And don’t fret, Dawgs! Even though he isn’t featured a lot in the “new judges” promo, the sole returning judge Randy Jackson gets a promo of his very own!

Watch the four promos here:

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