justin bieber getty 'American Idol': Justin Bieber performs, a tween rushes the stageWe didn’t know Justin Bieber was hell on the ol’ skins. Is there anything this “American Idol” guest performer can’t do?

Bieber stopped by “Idol” Wednesday, March 31 for a number of reasons. First, he was there to support his good buddy Usher (the “Idol” mentor and performer this week).

Secondly, Bieber was there to tape his “Idol Gives Back” segment. He gave out the donation hotline number, then when asked what the last present his mother gave him is he replied, “A hug.” The resounding “awwwww” from the audience was quite loud.

After he was done, he pointed at the mosh pit on stage left and one tween fan took that as her apparent cue to rush the stage. Mike the Security Guard had her tackled in no time flat. No, he didn’t really tackle her. But he grabbed her in a bear hug around the waist that was forceful enough to spin them around. It was impressive. Nobody rushes the Bieb.

Speaking of crazed fans, we were lucky enough to sit by two 13-year-old girls who were so excited when Bieber came out to tape “Idol Gives Back” that they started crying. When it came time for his actual performance, they were very distraught about not being closer to the stage, so we distracted a CBS studios usher so the two girls could sneak down to the mosh pits. We know it was rogue, but there is no law when it comes to Bieber.

Finally, Bieb’s main purpose was to tape a performance for a future show of “Idol.” Except getting him set up so he could actually perform took forever. We were forced to move down closer to fill an empty seat and had the misfortune of being placed next to a very loud heckling mother. No, we are not kidding.

This woman was so annoyed at having to sit there while they checked the sound and set up the band and checked the lights and let the backup dancers warm up that she was actually heckling. It took all our restraint not to turn to her and say, “First of all, lady, you are being a crabby pain and second of all, you are embarrassing the snot out of your teenage daughter.”

Finally, Bieber took the stage. He performed “U Smile” and “Baby.” If you really want a treat when this actually airs, watch his backup dancers on “Baby.” They are fantastic. At the end of “Baby,” Bieber took over for the drummer and brought the song home, which was also cool. We didn’t know he drummed — now we know 31 things about Justin Bieber.

Overall, it was a bit much, what with the crying, screaming girls. But it should be a good “Idol” performance show.

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