kara doguardi terrified 320 'American Idol': Kara DioGuardi sings 'Terrified' on 'Lopez Tonight'Kara DioGuardi put her money where her “American Idol” judging mouth is on “Lopez Tonight” Monday.

DioGuardi wasn’t just a guest on Lopez’s show — she also performed. She and Jason Reeves sang “Terrified,” the song she wrote for former “Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee. The performance was part of DioGuardi’s Turner Broadcasting tour Monday night (April 19) — she and her fellow “Idol” judges also appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” before her “Lopez Tonight” spot aired on TBS.

Lopez started by apologizing for repeatedly mangling her name in the past (and showed a montage of his flubs as proof), and they also discussed her naked photo shoot for Allure (the audience approved) and some other “Idol”-related business. Of her first season on the show last year, she says Simon Cowell “did sort of haze me,” but she’s being “more myself” this season.

After that, she made her TV performing debut with “Terrified.” Have a listen.

What did you think of DioGuardi’s singing?

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Posted by:Rick Porter