idol top 6 'American Idol' Live: Who got booted from the audience?

A message to “American Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe: Stop trying to make Lauren Alaina’s love life happen. It’s not going to happen. On camera anyway.

So, did anyone else find that whole exchange with Lauren and Brett (a.k.a. random dude who was pulled on stage from the front row) kind of awkward? It felt so staged and fake. Guess what? We think it totally was!

After speaking to Ryan Seacrest on stage and the show cut to a commercial break, Brett walked over to Alaina’s parents, shook their hands (it oddly seemed like it wasn’t their first time meeting) and then left the taping. For good. Never to return again. You get the idea. Hm… we’re not saying the dude was a hired actor, but we’re not not saying that either, you catch our drift? The guy seemed way too poised for someone “randomly” selected to come on stage.

Then, the show kept trying to shove the idea of Lauren and fellow contestant Scotty McCreery being together on us like our mother when she makes too much food and doesn’t want it to go to waste. Out of the two teenagers, Lauren seemed more willing to Pia Toscano it up play it up, saying she thought he was “cute” and repeatedly putting her arm around him. Scotty was less enthusiastic about the forced schtick. Hey, if it is true (which we don’t think it is), they would make a really cute couple. Total prom king and queen material.

Other fun facts from inside “Idol”:

— The celebs in attendance at the taping included actor Brad Garrett with his family, former contestant Constantine Maroulis, who chatted a lot with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler (maybe exchanging haircare tips?) and Penny Marshall, who received a kiss on the lips from Tyler.

— The contestant who received the loudest applause from the studio audience was, without question, James Durbin. Dude has got a lot of fans and they are vocal: The Durbinators are, to quote Randy, in it to win it for their man.

— The contestant who interacted the most with the audience was Haley Reinhart, who entertained the crowd during the commercial break by dancing around a bit and waved to fans.

— Let’s keep on the Haley train of thought and discuss that almost-technical difficulty before her performance. Here’s what went down: While her pre-performance package was playing, Haley made the crew aware that she couldn’t hear herself. Immediately, three men ran over. While two shined flashlights, the third was sticking his hand down the back of her dress trying to fix the problem in time. Seriously.

 A minute later, the problem was not fixed and the crew was starting to panic. The stage manager called Ryan on stage to possibly buy them some time before the problem was fixed at the very last second. Haley remained cool, calm and collected throughout the entire ordeal.

— A woman sitting in the front section caught the hat Casey Abrams threw into the audience during his performance. During the next commercial break, a security guard came and took it away from her. So. Not. Cool. Luckily, the house emcee came over and said it was taken as a precaution to make sure they don’t need it (whatever). Then he told the woman that the hat would be brought back out to her… and it would be signed by Casey himself. Not bad.

— Remember Top 24 contestant Julie Zorrilla? No? Well, she wants you to. The girl has been at almost every single “Idol” taping since being booted off the show. No offense, but doesn’t she have anything better to do? You don’t see Tim Halperin hanging around grasping at his last fifteen minutes of fame with the Jaws of Life. We’re just sayin’.

–The only performance of the night the audience didn’t give a standing ovation to? Lauren and Scotty’s duet. Weird, right?

— We’re kind of shocked the judges didn’t reward any of the contestants with standing ovations. The two performers that came close? James and Scotty. We literally watched on the edge of our seat as Jennifer Lopez kept pushing her chair in and out, in and out. Alas, she did not stand throughout the entire night, but she did jump around in her seat and stomp her feet like a crazy person during James’ performance.

— Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler fist-bump a lot. It’s cute.

— We’re just going to say we think it’s kind of unfair that Haley and Casey and Lauren and Scotty have now done multiple duets together, respectively, and then the show just throws James and Jacob Lusk together. Be fair and switch it up — that last duet could have the power to hurt J & J come elimination time.

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