nigel lythgoe american idol 320 'American Idol': Major voting change on the way?There could be another major change on “American Idol” next season, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe tells Zap2it.

Lythgoe is careful to say he doesn’t know that there will definitely be changes — or if FOX would go for them — but he wants to consider how votes are cast.

“I am going to be interested in listening to one device, one vote,” he says.

That means people could cast their ballots for one act each week from a cell, or from a landline, but not call repeatedly, stacking the odds for their favorite singer.

One possibility Lythgoe is mulling over is having the voting done the way it is on his other show, “So You Think You Can Dance,” where the Bottom Three are looked at by judges and the judges decide.

“Voting will be discussed,” he says. “It is unique to Idol, the way we have it now.”

Of course if voting is changed, Lythgoe says, “we would never be able to boast again that we had 72 million votes.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler