american idol sam woolf malaya watson duet lucky 'American Idol': Malaya Watson knows Sam Woolf's fans would kill to be in her shoes“American Idol” Top 8 contestant Malaya Watson knows about 90 percent of the teenage girls in the country wanted to kill her when she sang a duet with Season 13’s resident heartthrob, Sam Woolf. Those girls would’ve loved to sing about how in love they were with him on the Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat song “Lucky.”

“Yeah, and I felt 90 percent of the audience saying ‘You better step back before I have to come up there,'” she tells Zap2it with a laugh backstage after the performance show. “That’s what I felt! I felt the tension with all those girls looking at me with the evil eye like ‘Ooh, you better back up. You better move.'”

Having to tell her friend that she was in love with him (in song) was pretty awkward, she admits. “It was weird! Looking into Sam’s eyes talking about ‘I love you, I fell in love with you from the start,’ it was awkward,” she says. “But it turned out good in the end.”

The two made a good team. “The energy was high,” she says. Plus, there was an added benefit of pairing up the high-energy belter with the wallflower: “I got Sam to move a little bit for once in his life!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley