miley idol screen 'American Idol': Miley Cyrus surprises Lauren Alaina, receives apology from Jimmy IovineThey’re young. They’re cute. They’ve been cyber-bullied. They’ve got accents. Teen queen Miley Cyrus and “American Idol” contestant Lauren Alaina really have so much in common, y’all!

On the Apr. 27 episode of “Idol,” the Top 6, Alaina was in for a real surprise when Miley, her idol obviously, decided to crash the mentoring session with Jimmy Iovine. “Halfway through my meeting with Jimmy, he had a big surprise,” Alaina said. “Miley Cyrus walks in. I was like [jaw drops]. She was so nice and gave me such great advice.”

The advice Cyrus gave Alaina actually was really great. In recent weeks, Alaina has talked about her loss of confidence on the show due to mean comments she’s been receiving online, something Cyrus has been dealing with her entire career.

“The most important thing you can do is just do it for yourself because you will always have mean comments,” Cyrus told Alaina. “People will always talk about you, always, and that’s never going to change.”

Someone who recently said something mean-ish about Cyrus? Why, Jimmy Iovine… on “Idol.” A few weeks ago while mentoring Alaina, Iovine told she was a “much better singer” than Cyrus and suggested Cyrus isn’t a good singer.

Naturally, Iovine made the session about himself for a bit, saying, “Your fans were making some nasty comments about me online.” Miley instantly replied, “You deserved it. My fans are the best.” We. Love. Her. Iovine did admit he was wrong, saying, “I did deserve it.”

What did you think of Miley’s guest appearance on “Idol”? Do you think she deserved a better apology from Iovine?

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