mi cy idol 'American Idol': Miley Cyrus to make surprise appearanceWell, surprise probably isn’t the right word considering the news has leaked.

Miley Cyrus
is set to make an appearance on “American Idol” tonight, Apr. 27. A source tells E! News that Cyrus will help mentor 16-year-old contestant Lauren Alaina alongside “Idol” mentor Jimmy Iovine.

Yes, the same Jimmy Iovine who caused Cyrus fans to throw a mini-riot when he told Alaina she was a “much stronger singer” than the former Disney star and hinted that he thinks Cyrus doesn’t have a good voice.

After Iovine made the remarks, Alaina said she felt “awkward” and was clearly uncomfortable. Cyrus is one of Alaina’s idols; she even performed Cyrus’ hit song “The Climb” a few weeks back.

The source says Iovine regrets what he said and reached out to Cyrus to have her appear on the show. “Jimmy apologized and personally asked Miley to come.” Here’s hoping Miley gives him so grief about his remarks and throws in a “pretty cool” while doing so.

Cyrus taped the mentoring session last week.

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