naima elton 'American Idol' Naima Adedapo's 'I'm Still Standing' falls flatComing off of a triumphant performance during Motown week, Naima Adedapo“Idol’s” resident rasta — could not have taken more of a wrong turn. This week the assignment was simple: Take an Elton John song and make it your own. Naima, for the second time in the competition, went to the reggae well. And while it worked for a short break in her cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” it was a total fail when it came to Naima’s re-imagining of “I’m Still Standing.”

As producer Jimmy Iovine warned in the Naima’s intro reel, Naima chose to slow up the song and “slowing it up makes it hard to stay in tune.” Not the best chance to take for the woman who has been accused of pitchiness more than any other contestant this season.

And, again, the judges were impressed with Naima’s originality, but left cold by her actual performance.

“Love your reggae swag,” said Jennifer Lopez. “Not sure this song was suited for that.”

“I love reggae,” said Randy Jackson. “I wanna say ‘jah’ whatever, but it came off kind of corny.”

And Steven, who often seems incapable of saying anything critical, said the nicest thing he could muster: “Good for you for picking a song that fits you.”

How do you think Naima did with Elton John’s song?

P.S. Enough with the bell bottoms already.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson