The new season of “American Idol” will not begin until January, but FOX is getting the publicity bus rolling now with two new promo videos meant to get fans excited. Both videos feature the new judges joining the show — Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. Should we watch them?

The answer, if “American Idol” season 12 is anything like these promos, is a resounding yes.

One of the videos features pretty much nothing but Nicki Minaj (and her hair). This isn’t too much of a surprise. Ms. Minaj is, after all, a current singing star, constantly featuring in entertainment news. Plus she’s colorful — and we don’t mean just her hair by that.

The video does indicate that Minaj might be set to take the place of last season’s Steven Tyler when it comes to having a totally random and entertaining judging style. This is a good thing.

The second of the “Idol” videos gives us a look at all three of the new judges. But there is still a lot of Nicki in there. Could there be some jealousy brewing at the judges’ table this season?

Best line spoken by anyone in both promos? It’s from Nicki Minaj, of course: “My hair is edible.” You know, everyone’s hair is edible. It’s just that if you eat it, you will have a giant hair ball in your stomach that will stay there for like 7 years. At least, that’s what they told us when we were in kindergarten…

Posted by:Laurel Brown